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At Occupy London, at Labour Action for Peace and at Bromley Co-op Party we invite everyone to join with us in promoting, to implementation, audit and celebration the living plan for Co-operative Socialism.

And, thus, help create a Co-operative Commonwealth here in the UK. And thus help create the Co-operative Commonweal: The Wellness of All, in The Wellness of All.

So:  We invite all to examine, debate, adopt and promote thIs living plan for Co-operative Socialism.  Please invite us to answer your questions on the living plan for Co-operative Socialism. Just as Plaistow North Branch Labour Party in East Ham, and two Positive Money local branches (in Greenwich and Lewisham and in Tower Hamlets have already done).

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 Co-operative Socialism - Updated Petition to UK Parliament.

Requesting a debate on the plan for Co-operative Socialism

From John Courtneidge

Refined Petition text: 6 February 2018


Could you click the link to indicate your support for this *refined* petition text?

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Ps: please, if you supported the earlier versions, please do so again.


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Here are the Petition details:

I’ve made a petition – will you sign it?

Click this link to sign the petition:

My petition:

We request that the Government implement the plan for Co-operative Socialism.

A radically-different economic system, rather than capitalism, is needed to create a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. This Petition, therefore, invites all Members to debate the plan for Co-operative Socialism, details of which are collected at a relevant Occupy London web-page.

More can be found in the papers' section at - Including the 'CCPA Reader on Co-operative Socialism'. For this Petition, we have created a new web-site, to cover five policy areas: Why and How Land Issues Workplace Issues Money, Finance and Banking Issues Income Issues A definition of 'Co-operative Socialism: a set of policies to help create the co-operative commonwealth: a world of human and ecological co-operative relationships.'

Click this link to sign the petition:

What Co-operative Socialism is:  My friend, Jyoti Pradhan, asks me to explain what Co-operative Socialism is. Here's my attempt: Well, it's quite straightforward: inequality of incomes is bad for everyone (see
So Co-operative Socialism replaces these inequality-creating mechanisms!
Capitalism increases inequality (the board game of 'Monopoly' was designed to show this). But Monopoly uses only two of the five mechanisms that capitalism uses. Those in Monopoly are Theft of economic resources and Rent (the thieves call Theft ' Ownership': in this case, Theft of Land and of 'frozen land', buildings).
The other three mechanisms that capitalism uses are: Interest (from the Theft of the Law, by making usury /interest-charging legal); Profit (from the Theft of knowledge/ data/ information), and; Unequal Pay for work (from the Theft of Position: paid-work 'jobs' that pay higher-than-average incomes and pensions and which protect the uber-theives who have stolen Land, the Law and Knowledge/ data/ information. The acronym TRIP-UP helps to remember this (Theft, Rent, Interest, Profit, Unequal-Pay).
CO-OPERATIVE SOCIALISM simply replaces these five mechanisms, as follows:
1) Co-operative Careship: rather than Theft ('Ownership') of economic resources
2) Fully-repairing 'leases'/time-limited, non-transferable contracts for Co-operative Careship: rather than rent
3) Interest-free, not-for-profit money/banking/finance systems, rather than debt+usury banking as at present
4) Appropriate Co-operatives as wealth-creating units, rather than for-profit capitalist firms and charities
5) Socially-determined income spread: based on a guaranteed 'Living Income For Everyone' (LIFE) as a base income for all and, if paid work is done, payment only up to a socially-determined maximum multiplier of the LIFE payment.
6) And necessary 'responsible neighbour' international economic arrangements.
All this is in the plan and Reader on Co-operative Socialism in the papers' section at  As to how this might come about: education, politics, kegislation, annual audit and celebration! All by Tuesday! Hope this helps!

The most direct action, it seems, is to wriite to your MP, or other elected representative, and ask if they support the present Plan for Co-operative Socialism.

Something like: Dear MP,
I'm writing to you as one of your Constituents to ask if you support the present Plan for Co-operative Socialism?

Details of which can be found by web-searching the term "Co-operative Socialism" or by visiting the papers' page at or, with explanatory videos at

If YES you do support this plan for Co-operative Socialism, are you promoting it?  - to = for example - your Parliamentary colleagues and Constituency electors?

If, NO, you do not support this plan for Co-operative Socialism, could you please write to let me know why not - I will be sharing your reply with other people and groups.


Don't forget to add your name, address and Post code. A letter through the post is much more likely to get a reply: a hand-written letter even more so. Ps you can find out who your MP in the UK is at