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Income Issues

At present within capitalism most people i.e. 88% receive their incomes in the form of payment for work, or benefits and social assistance from the community. The latter includes pensioners, who very often have a community or state provided pension along with a workplace pension, the income of which is due to the work of the current employees, along with rent interest and profits which are included in the pension pots from "Investments" - so-called by the trustees for the pension.

In co-operative socialism people's incomes are dramatically reduced, because the majority of their needs are met on a socialist basis; community-provided and free at the point of use. So for example, at present public libraries are community-provided and therefore are free at the point of use, at least when the local authorities, which fund their public libraries, are fully committed to a life-long learning community. In addition, since rent, interest and profits, along with taxation of income and taxation of purchases are abolished in the plan for Co-operative Socialism, people's need for money is dramatically reduced.

The "Spirit Level" book tells us that a much reduced income distribution is good for everyone in a society: people live longer healthier and happier lives their families thrive, their communities are welcoming and happy when the income distribution within them is dramatically reduced. Accordingly, the Plan for Co-operative Socialism ensures that no one has too much and no one has too little.. The basis for income for everyone is a guaranteed liveable income for everyone for Life.

Finally, since the majority of human needs and, to an extent, human wants are provided free at the point of use by the community, in the end money and its equivalents will simply disappear. Society, then will decide that we are ready to live in a state of love and friendship and not use money as, at present, a whip on people's back, and some form of analysis as to whose contribution is better. We will even be closer to the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus speaks of.

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