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Land Issues

This page covers matters such as: Housing, Transport, Telecoms, Clothing, Clean Water, Clean Air, Food, Heating & Energy

Co-operative socialism abolishes the ownership of economic resources and replaces our relationship as humans with economic resources including land air sea electromagnetic radiation frequencies, etc, etc. with agreements for Co-operative Careship.

These agreements are designed to ensure that remediation of land is carried out on a co-operative basis. It's one step on from the idea of a fully repairing lease in such a place: where the lessees agree to hand back the resource in As good Estate as they went into the lease.

In an agreement with the community for Co-operative careship of land, the idea is that the people who agree to care for that land resource decide and agree to improve the land and at the end of its care, 'For the common Good',the land is in better shape (in terms of fertility, etc) than when they went into the agreement for Co-operative Care-ship.

For those of us. Who approached these matters in a religious or spiritual sense,we are talking about 'panentheism' 'The Creator Present Within The Creation: not 'pantheism' which is the idea that everything is God: rather that God is present within everything.

Accordingly, if we take control of an Economic Resource and use it for our own purposes or that of our family or particular group even if it is a co-operative. then selection implies sundering that resource from its right relationship as part of the whole. By contrast, in co-operative care-ship the idea is that the co-operators (and it could be a single co-operator) decide to adopt and implement the plan for Co-operative socialism including the Co-operative values and principles from the International Co-operative Alliance as the principles and values by which they will care for the resource.

This applies as much to physical land, the air, the seas and Waterways, electromagnetic radiation and also to what I might call frozen land. In other words, buildings, tools, equipment, etc: anything where land-based resources have had value added to them in order to help human beings live full healthy and happy lives.

Which leads us to the question of wealth creation and also workplace organisation that's the next topic.

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