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And all this under the Eric Gill statue promoting The Use of Children for Sex.

Overview and explanation:

The Thieves have stolen The Land, The Law and Knowledge and collect Rent, Interest and Profits from us as the necessities of life are produced.

They constitute about 2% of all families.

They allow The Enforcers (about 10% of families) to rob us: by collecting Taxes from us. The Taxes are then used to pay the 10% wages, salaries, Pensions and Perks that are higher then us, the 88%, are 'given' to us in Wages, State Pensions, 'Free' Health 'Care' and Indoctrination.

The #woke call us, the 88%, 'The Working Class'. In reality, we, the 88% are The Worked Class: The Unemployed are used to frighten and anger those who are Used ('Employed'), The Disabled are used to Anger The Unemployed and The Elderly are used to generate Profits for the Registered Drug Pushers (Big Pharma).

So, we are the 88%.

We need to peel off, one by one, the 10% (an impossibility).

Or use our votes to replace The Great Wickedness (Capitalism) with #TrueSocialism

Hence the process and plan called Co-operative Socialism.


Today's report of City of London corruption makes the earlier Radio Interview all the more important. The corruption report:
The Radio Interview:
PS: the interview starts after a short conversation about Franco and Spain.