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John Courtneidge

This picture was of me in January 2020 enjoying a snack at Friends House, Euston, London. I began writing these articles in 2007, when I was in Ottawa, Canada,

Really, I'm not sure that who I am, and what I do is not very relevant. I think that it's what we share, that is! However, for those interested - if you visit my earlier website - - the 'Papers' section has a lot of relevant material.

For those who like to know about such things, I've been around on this planet since 1956, started off in London, England, taught chemistry, have a PhD in chemistry from UCL (University College, London), and have owned and co-run a small-holding and a nursery/ garden centre in the past (that taught me what capitalism is!).

Religiously/spiritually I started off Anglican and am now happily Quaker.
I'm a dad, grand-dad, husband, co-operator, pacifist, a non-authoritarian (I hope!!) 'co-operative socialist' - working as best I can to help create a fair, and thus safe and peaceful, world (that's the 'Fair World Project' bit!).