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Why and How

So, the plan for Co-operative Socialsm abolishes the gap between rich and poor.

By abolishing Rent, Interest and all the For-Profit Corporations (like Tesco, Esso, Barclays Bank, etc) and making our lives actions of Co-operative Caring: of everyone and of everything.

To do that we need people in The House of Lords who are there, randomly-selected for a short time, as a Peoples Jury; especially to make an annual recommendation to the elected House of Commons as to the level of a community-provided Living Income and a maximum paid-work income. Some people will decide that that's all the income that they need: so they could therefore be full-time carers in homes, carers in the community, students, retired people enjoying a well-earned rest, and so on.

However, some people will decide that they need to be paid and in addition to receiving their living income or they might even decide to not take their living income from the community but simply decide to have a paid work income.

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