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The Steps We Need To Take

So, how do we get there?

Briefly: by replacing the Parliamentary Legislation that allows Capitalism to exist with legislation that implements and annually audits, reviews, celebrates and evolves The Plan For Co-operative Socialism (as already adopted by various groups).

To achieve that, we need Parliamentarians who will bring that about.

To take The House of Lords (or Senate elsewhere) first. The present House of Commons could ask the present House of Lords to start and complete in August of each year, a process to make a Recommendation to itself as to the £-amounts that should apply to, both, the Living Income for Everyone and the Paid-work Income maximum that they recommend for the coming year.

Secondly, each Parliamentary Constituency should identify and elect an MP who will sit as a Member of The House of Commons in order to implement, etc, The Plan for Co-operative Socialism and to respond, to completion in September, each year, the two income recommendations made to it as a result of the August Recommendations by the Second House (Lords, Senate or, if felt necessary, a Randomocracy People's Assembly or Jury).

So, immediately, before this summer is over, we all need to get on the doorsteps to identify Constituency-based, or Ward-based, autonomous 'Guilds of Co-operative Socialists' to bring this about.

For that we are producing A6 postcards for use on those door-step conversations.