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Co-operative Socialism is the nonviolent, non-hierarchical alternative to both forms of capitalism (neoliberalism and neoconservatism) and to both forms of totalitarianism (fascism and State ‘Communism’) – as you can see on this political/social map:

Co-operative Socialism on the map May 2013

Co-operative Socialism on the map May 2013. Note: the horizontal ‘left/right’ axis is reversed in the map above.

In such a world, incomes will be much more equal, (which ‘The Spirit Level’ book tells us is the key good – see The Equality Trust web-site).

And, so, there will be more peace, trust, respect, happiness. This will be because everyone will have, from the community, a guaranteed ‘Living Income’ so that ‘co-operative care-ship’ of the planet will be our number one creative, sustainable, peaceful opportunity. We can get there by a combination of personal growth, community education and parliamentary action.

For action ideas and more, see the 2005 CAOS paper (‘Co-operative Socialism: Theory and Practice’) and the 2010 ‘CCPA Readings on Co-operative Socialism’ in the papers’ section of

VIDEOS - 2014

In these videos, I try to describe Co-operative Socialism – as the sustainable alternative to both forms of capitalism (neoliberalism and neoconservatism) and to the authoritarian ‘not-capitalism/s’ (such as Marxist State-centred ‘Communism’): YouTube · John Courtneidge: 2nd January 2014

Shorter 13 minute video: At Greta's request here is a 13 minute version - with graphics. It will be great! when this get's converted to motion graphics .
YouTube · John Courtneidge: 4th January 2014

An even shorter: three-minute version

VIDEOS - from 2021

This is the first of about a dozen videos that will, I hope, sketch the Co-operative Socialism alternative to Capitalism - 2021 Part 1