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 Co-operative Socialism - Updated Petition to UK Parliament.

Requesting a debate on the plan for Co-operative Socialism

From John Courtneidge

Refined Petition text: 6 February 2018


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Here are the Petition details:

I’ve made a petition – will you sign it?

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My petition:

We request that the Government implement the plan for Co-operative Socialism.

A radically-different economic system, rather than capitalism, is needed to create a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. This Petition, therefore, invites all Members to debate the plan for Co-operative Socialism, details of which are collected at a relevant Occupy London web-page.

More can be found in the papers' section at - Including the 'CCPA Reader on Co-operative Socialism'. For this Petition, we have created a new web-site, to cover five policy areas: Why and How Land Issues Workplace Issues Money, Finance and Banking Issues Income Issues A definition of 'Co-operative Socialism: a set of policies to help create the co-operative commonwealth: a world of human and ecological co-operative relationships.'

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The most direct action, it seems, is to wriite to your MP, or other elected representative, and ask if they support the present Plan for Co-operative Socialism.

Something like: Dear MP,
I'm writing to you as one of your Constituents to ask if you support the present Plan for Co-operative Socialism?

Details of which can be found by web-searching the term "Co-operative Socialism" or by visiting the papers' page at or, with explanatory videos at

If YES you do support this plan for Co-operative Socialism, are you promoting it?  - to = for example - your Parliamentary colleagues and Constituency electors?

If, NO, you do not support this plan for Co-operative Socialism, could you please write to let me know why not - I will be sharing your reply with other people and groups.


Don't forget to add your name, address and Post code. A letter through the post is much more likely to get a reply: a hand-written letter even more so. Ps you can find out who your MP in the UK is at