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Tying up some loose ends.

first of all let me reiterate that the objective of co-operative socialism is not what can I get the other what can I and what can we give?

in terms of International Affairs this means that we all contribute as best we can

2 a world of wellness happiness peace and sustainable prosperity for all

this is the concept of a cooperative commonweal.

secondly a present capitalism in its latest utterly degenerate form

privatising knowledge data information but not in any sense privatising Wisdom because as far as capitalism is concerned, Wisdom and understanding. Our it's poison once we know the capitalism is simply trashing the planet and burning up. Everyone's lives and that includes the 10% that forms a praetorian guard. To protect the 2% the monarchy the aristocracy and the capitalists

Then we know that we need a replacement for capitalism.

Experience has told us that revolutionary events simply replace one set of buses with another set of bosses.

We don't need any buses and in actual fact within co-operative socialism since there are no positions of power. Then buses cannot migrate to those positions of power to tell everyone else what to do.

Because we will all know what our best contribution is.

Knowledge therefore cannot be privatised.

if a particular co-operative discovers a better way of doing something Or in vents something completely no. Then it is their contribution to everyone else's well-being and therefore their own well-being to share and give that information knowledge and data as quickly as possible. That's then becomes wisdom.

tmp_11210-Emotions, Personalities and Politics August 2008-2064344565. This set of slides was created to explore the interplay of personality types, their associated emotions and the political options they choose.

The key point is that each of us is a mixture of all four main Personality Types plus our place on the Introvert/Extravert spectrum.

But! each of us are subject by Cultural Conditioning' (ie, brainwashing!) to be corraled towards the Authoritarian Pro-capitalist mind-set . . .Co-operative Socialism by John Courtneidge'