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tmp_11210-Emotions, Personalities and Politics August 2008-2064344565. This set of slides was created to explore the interplay of personality types, their associated emotions and the political options they choose.

The key point is that each of us is a mixture of all four main Personality Types plus our place on the Introvert/Extravert spectrum.

But! each of us are subject by Cultural Conditioning' (ie, brainwashing!) to be corraled towards the Authoritarian Pro-capitalist mind-set . . .Co-operative Socialism by John Courtneidge'

The most direct action, it seems, is to wriite to your MP, or other elected representative, and ask if they support the present Plan for Co-operative Socialism.

Something like: Dear MP,
I'm writing to you as one of your Constituents to ask if you support the present Plan for Co-operative Socialism?

Details of which can be found by web-searching the term "Co-operative Socialism" or by visiting the papers' page at or, with explanatory videos at

If YES you do support this plan for Co-operative Socialism, are you promoting it?  - to = for example - your Parliamentary colleagues and Constituency electors?

If, NO, you do not support this plan for Co-operative Socialism, could you please write to let me know why not - I will be sharing your reply with other people and groups.


Don't forget to add your name, address and Post code. A letter through the post is much more likely to get a reply: a hand-written letter even more so. Ps you can find out who your MP in the UK is at