What Co-operative Socialism Isn’t

What Co-operative Socialism Isn't

On another page, a comrade and friend asked:

Thanks, John. I think not many of us in Momentum will disagree with any of that. Some of us, though, might wonder what the difference is between Co-operative Socialism, and Socialism? I'm certainly confused.

I replied:

Thx Dave!

Well, the largely-understood definition of socialism is, in the US, what-ever went on in Russia, Eastern Europe, etc, North Korea, now.

Here, socialism is seen (or explained) as centralised State control and direction.

Neither of those Authoritarian, top-down schsmes is was true socialism is.

True socialism is horizontalist and noncoercive.

Which is what I/we hope that the plan for Co-operative Socialism aims to achiEve.

I/we therefore hope that Momentum will join Labour Action for Peace, Bromley Co-op Party and Occupy London in adopting and promoting the plan for Co-operative Socialism . . .

Starting with a local Momentum group . . . !